Our Sweet Jenna

Jenna “Jennabear” Lynne Eades
09/11/06 – 04/01/07

From Mommy’s Heart…

Jennabear was a nickname we always called her…and still do. We also called her JLynne and Jen Jen. Jenna came into our lives on September 11, 2006. Little did we know our time with our sweet daughter would be so short… that someone would rob her whole life from her. On September 11, 2007, Jenna would have turned one. I remember distinctly when she turned 6-months-old how I told her daddy about the big 1st birthday party we were going throw for her, with tons of presents. Now… I find myself just trying to remember the cute sounds she made, what she smelled like, and how super soft her skin was. And then, I try to imagine what she would have looked like at one. I am desperate to watch my little girl grow.

Jenna is absolutely gorgeous. She had beautiful, big blue eyes with long brown hair that touched her back! And the most awe-inspiring personality to top it off. I miss her so deeply. Jenna was and always will be a very happy baby with such a big sunshine-filled spirit. I wish you could have known her like I did…and it truly makes me feel like the luckiest person ever. She made me feel so important and our bond is just indescribable… something that I am thankful for everyday. Jenna constantly had a smile on her face which made our days so bright. The minute I saw her face, that strenuous day at work didn’t matter one bit. Just incredible…

I couldn’t wait to see her face in the morning, she was my true sunshine. “Good morning beautiful” is what I would say. She would coo so loud and pick up her legs and slam them down on her bed with excitement. She always made me feel so special. Especially the last week of her sweet little life, she said “mama”. She made my heart melt… thank you Jenna.

Jenna adored her sister Hayley and her dog Paxton. She would study them all the time. Getting her to laugh was hard work (she would grin so big), but not for Hayley. Jenna thought Hayley was the neatest thing besides her sappy (what we called her pacifier). Her school absolutely loved her as well. Many have told me that she was their favorite. They would jokingly argue over who got to hold her. She was just so adorable and lovable, you couldn’t get enough of her. And many still can’t talk about her being gone. It hurts too much and it makes it more of a reality. Jenna impacted so many people. Most of who stay in touch with us. And they say…”she will always be my favorite”.

For 6.5 months, I had no idea that the best days of my life would be coming to an end. That is how I look at it now…the best days of my life and yet, I never knew it at the time. I want to share with you a thought I hold close to my heart. Everyday, when I would leave work, I would rush home to see my beautiful baby girl. I missed her all day and couldn’t wait to see her. I would always describe the feeling to many as… I have a present at home waiting for me and I am so excited… I just want to get home and open it. Like, it was Christmas everyday for a 5 year-old. Now when I drive home, my eyes hang low… and I reminisce of what use to be and ponder on what could have been. Knowing that I will walk in the door and will not have that face so excited to see me, the pain could NEVER be put into words. But now I tell you this my friend…I have a big present waiting in Heaven for me you see, and I cannot wait to get there to open it.

In Memory of Jennabear

Dear Jenna,

I miss you so very much beautiful. I dedicate this foundation to you baby girl. Thank you for impacting me so deeply, for making me feel so special and lucky, and for bringing a feeling of love into my life that I never knew existed. You are my everything, my heart. I am broken without you. I adore you and love you more than you will ever know.


Love is the reason for it all.”
~ Dorothy Fields