About Us

Our Mission

Helping Children and Families in a time of need.

The JENNABEARS Foundation is an official 501 (c) (3) organization. EIN 26-1248114

Celebrating Jenna’s life by making a difference in the lives of children and families!”

Jennabears Foundation

In March of 2007, the lives of the Eades’ family were tragically changed forever. Their beautiful 6-month-old daughter, Jenna Lynne, was fatally injured and their oldest daughter, Hayley, was critically hurt when a truck violently rear-ended the vehicle they were riding in. Hayley miraculously survived her injuries, but the impact was too much for little Jenna. Jenna’s parents always called her ‘Jennabear’, the inspiration for the name of this organization.

During their hospital stay, the Eades family noticed many children who were hurt and scared, yet, had nothing to comfort them. At times, not even a parent. Six weeks later, they brought the bears Hayley received during her stay to those children…they loved them!

The Eades then became determined to make a difference through Jenna’s memory…

The Eades Family

…from Experience comes Deliverance
a Promise of Remembrance for a Difference.”

Whether it is a child who was seriously hurt in a car crash, a child battling cancer, or a parent who loses a child, we give them a Jennabear for comfort. Our Jennabear’s are super soft, big, and meet hospital criteria for infection control.

We also deliver Jennabear Trauma Baskets to the older children which include a Jennabear and various other items such as portable cd players, DVDs, puzzles, games, etc. Check out the JBF at Work page to read more about our very important ongoing projects. We hope to become large enough one day to fulfill our goal of building a playground for children with disabilities. But we promise, our whole reason for this foundation will never leave us. It’s all about the Jennabears that we will be giving as a symbol of love, comfort, and a connection through the Eades’ daughter Jenna.

We will have events to raise funds to advance in our mission throughout the year, so keep an eye out on our events page. The bigger we get, the more we will be able to do. We want to make a difference. And this Foundation along with many children and families need your help. Thank you for your support!

Bear Criterion

Our organization specifically delivers custom-made Jennabear’s to children who are in the hospital and/or have an illness. However, we will gladly accept any gently used, like-new bears and promise to find a good home for them in accordance with our mission!